All Constraints Are Beautiful // 10.09 – 10.10.2021 @ TEKS

September 14, 2021 · Juliane Schütz

So, my furry friends.

there haven’t been many updates from the photo front on this blog lately, and the reason is that amidst conducting a ton of wonderful new film, photo and design projects, I also managed to not only put together my very first art exhibition during SONIC STILLS FEST 2021 – nope, I also managed to somehow expand and grow it on the spot, and now its current state of being can be viewed at my 2nd exhibition at TEKS in Trondheim, from September 10 – October 10. Busy bee Juliane at her best!

Juliane Schütz: Video & Photo installation.
(Photographic film, ammonia, Alcohol, Aceton, Carbonated water, Chlorine, Fire)

"All Constraints Are Beautiful" is a video and photo installation that examines the photo medium by disrupting the "natural" photo process; "Exposure - development - impression" by physically manipulating a classic 35mm film roll.
In contrast to normal use where the film is used as a canvas for a photographer's vision of the world, Schütz explores a new and different form of "life" by allowing the film to develop its own form of expression through analog manipulation using household chemicals such as ammonia, vodka, chlorine, acetone, soda and fire.

In this way, the film roll shapes and creates its own meta-story.
The process itself becomes the goal, and the documentation of the path to total destruction captures the moments of beauty.
"All Constraints Are Beautiful" can be seen as an analog photo-aesthetic counterpart to today's digital image consumption.

I’ve mentioned it before – it’s a heartfelt project I’ve been pursuing over the past 5, 6 years or so, which was never meant to be shown in public. But there it is. It’s beautiful. All Constraints Are Beautiful. Please visit the exhibition!

Here are some of the pieces I’m showing at TEKS, complemented by a video installation and some handmade film negatives that show the beauty of destruction.

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