The MaXx & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra @ Moldejazz (1): The world premiere

July 20, 2018 · Juliane Schütz

Hip Hip, Boom Boom! One year after winning the JazZtipendiat (which implies one year of hard, disciplined, brain- and nerve wrecking creative work for everyone involved), The MaXx finally got to unleash their unique compositions onto the world – premiering in the pittoresque town of Molde with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Proud girlfriend is super duper proud <3

Here’s who played and completely stunned the audience:

Oscar Grönberg – keys
Petter Kraft – guitar / sax
Tomas Järmyr – drums

Anja Lauvdal – synth
Anton Toorell – guitar
Kjetil Møster – sax
Mattis Kleppen – bass
Mette Rasmussen – sax
Mia Marlen Berg – vocals
Petter Hängsel – trombone
Thomas Johansson – trumpet

Jan Erik Holto – lights
Tor Breivik – sound

Part 2 will be up soon, featuring images of the dress rehearsal right before the world premiere.

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