nyMusikk: Linn Halvorsrød @ det ekkofrie kammer

April 17, 2018 · Juliane Schütz

The other day, I accompanied NyMusikk and artist Linn Halvorsrød with her sound installation at NTNU’s echo-free room. The room itself, established in 1963, looked and felt like a creepy pitch-black void you might dream about when you’re on heavy antibiotics, with invisible eyes watching you while the walls are closing in and its invisible ears avidly devouring any notion it encounters…….

(image via giphy)

Linn’s composition I cannot sufficiently wrap into words, but it was definitely something my everyday-self would not expect to hear in such an environment. But she curiously engaged into lively conversations after each performance to find out what her audience’s individual experiences of the installation were.

The evening gently swung down at sunlit Antikvariatet and a likewise bright discussion on sound, its absence, and everything in-between. Here’s two galleries summarizing the day. Yes, two.

Part I: Det ekkofrie kammer


Part 2: Salong på Antikvariatet


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