Artwork: Magnus Sinnes – Lady of the Evening

April 11, 2018 · Juliane Schütz


Next week, singer and songwriter Magnus Sinnes (see also: Magnus Sinnes @ Moskus) releases a new single called “Lady of the Evening“. It will air on NRK P1 Kveldsåpent on April 18th and will also be available on your favorite music platform, and I had the honor of creating the cover artwork for this beautiful song:


Magnus Sinnes – Lady of the Evening

I wikipeducated myself on the “Lady Of The Night” (Brassavola nodosa) which is a species of orchid that releases a sweet fragrance after dark. The design incorporates both my new-found knowledge as well as Magnus’ lyrics and my approach towards the feeling transported in the song.

The graphic itself is based on an intentionally damaged 35mm scan from one of my numerous film soup experiments, which resembles the anatomical shape of the human heart.


This thing is beating like a hammer. © Juliane Schütz

Given this “emotional” component, I then altered it to the looks of the above-mentioned orchid, and then played with its shape in order to create something more appealling, light, feathery, floating, and comforting.

Long story short, thank you Magnus for an excellent co-operation!

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