Doffs Poi & The MaXx @ Dokkhuset. 18-01-19.

January 23, 2018 · Juliane Schütz

Doffs Poi! The MaXx! Dokkhuset! And here’s to never being able to pick less than 60 shots a show. But then again, on paper it was 2 bands with 7 band members, which makes it an average of 8,571428571428571 pics per person. And that sounds pretty ok.

53 thoughts on “Doffs Poi & The MaXx @ Dokkhuset. 18-01-19.

  1. Mia Marlen Berg

    WOW!! These are super fantastic amazing pictures!! ❤️❤️ so honest and real. I really think you captured the reality with sweat, weird faces and in the moment comunication. Amazing! Thank you!



  • TheMaXx
  • Doffs Poi

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