And now for something completely different.

September 14, 2017 · Juliane Schütz

I was working on a project and researching photos on my computer while listening to the music that was supposed to get my creative juices flowing. My aim was to create something rather abstract based on colors and shapes that doesn’t necessarily exist in the world around us.

I ended up doing something completely different ?

It started with this rather generic and mirror-inverted shot of Trondeim, Norway.


I felt like something was missing though, be it caused by my personal approach towards the city or my collection of otherwise unsatisfactory photos from all across Europe. But since the music was still playing, I played along.

Interestingly enough, I at least ended up creating something that doesn’t exist either by using things that do exist. Well anyway, now here’s this collage.


  • Cityscapes: Brighton & Trondheim
  • Clouds: Somewhere between England & Germany
  • Mountains: Italy & Spain

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