An accidental throwback (II)

July 22, 2017 · Juliane Schütz

I finished scanning and editing the rest of  this year’s most surprising photography project so far.

All of the images display a quite interesting mix of several layers:

Layer 1 – Distorted blotches and spots thanks to soaking the film for several days in what I believe was regular household cleaner.


Layer 2 – Apparently I then loaded my Nimslo with aforementioned film, took it to Amsterdam and shot some 3D pictures of a girlfriend weekend in early 2015. The Nimslo captures half-frames, so each frame gives you 2 split photos.

Having shot the entire film roll, I manually rewound it and then stored it in my backpack in order to take it to the lab. Due to not fully rewinding it though, it looked like a brandnew film roll which I then, back home, stacked in my shelf of unused films, while being sad and convinced that I had lost my fabulous roll of 3D photos at Schiphol’s security check.


Layer 3 – 2 years later, @sugarraybanister and I had the brilliant idea of meeting up in my hometown in order to photographically explore its subjective urban beauty. I grabbed a couple of film rolls to capture the concrete jungle in analog photos with my Nikon F55. Having completely forgotten about its existence, this film roll here was one of them.



The result: Random full-frame urban scenery layering the previous half-frame Amsterdam shots layering the kitchen cleaner blotches. Each photo, each frame has its very own features that stand out, and with every glance I seem to discover a new detail.


It’s just a huge psychedelic dream scenario accidentally captured on 35mm. But I enjoy this tremendously!

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