Hi there!

I’m Juliane Schütz, a freelance media designer & photographer, occasional musician, random chemist, and pleased to meet you.

Since 2008 I’ve worked in a media design agency called “tollwerk“, focusing on both web & print design as well as photography. Since 2017, I’ve shifted towards freelancing in the above mentioned fields.

I like experimenting, improvising with anything that’s available, and happily incorporating coincidence, hence I sometimes refer to myself as a Jazzigner.

Coming from a music-driven background myself, my creativity flourishes when documenting musicians both onstage and offstage, covering live performances, studio- & tour reports, and behind-the-scenes documentaries. Here my aim is to not only show what’s obvious and visible, but also to dig beneath the surface and capture emotions while preferably remaining invisible in order to not disrupt or fudge what’s actually happening.

My work is also highly inspired by music when it comes to creating artworks; but is by no means limited to either genre of photography or design. Want your portrait taken? Have a dance group? An event you’d like to have documented? You need an album artwork, a flyer, a menu card? Let’s try this! 🍴

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me volunteering at events, teaching my cats cool stunts, collecting Street Notes or generating different kinds of content for my blog.

And while I’m working, you can always find me on instagram, facebook and flickr, or shoot an inquiry to my inbox 🙂