Hi, my name is …

Juliane. I’m a digital & print media designer, curious picture taker, quirky musician, and pleased to meet you.


Since 2008, I’ve worked in a media design agency called “tollwerk“, focusing on both web and print design. After successfully completing my professional training in Media Design in 2010, my job has provided plenty opportunities not only to serve our national and international clients’ needs in digital and print designs, but also to create PR-, website- and other official text applications both in German and English.

Other than that, I have been an active member of the music scene since the early 2000’s, which, after having played in several bands, eventually made me join a promoters collective at one of Nuremberg’s most renowned venues in order to serve the music community as much as I can while not actively playing an instrument.

If there happens to be any free time left, I preferably spend it photographically documenting musicians, volunteering at web community events and generating different kinds of content for my blog. Additionally, you can also find me on instagram, facebook and flickr.


Let’s get in touch!