Motorpsycho @ Byscenen. 17-12-09.

December 14, 2017 · Juliane Schütz

The first big show for me this year was Motorpsycho at Lobbyen in March, which was the very first (and rather “small-range”) concert with Tomas on drums. The second big show was Motorpsycho at Verkstedhallen, which “officially” introduced him to a live audience. And the last big show to round off my musical year was most likely Motorpsycho at Byscenen, which also presented the virtuous Kristoffer Lo (a.k.a. “one – to me – unknown fourth musician”, as referred to in several concert reviews during the EU tour) as a complementary component, which left several concert attendees who’ve been following the band for years and years speechless. Personally, I can’t judge if Motorpsycho “have ever been better” since my history with them is pretty fresh, but if the family says so, I easily trust them 🙂

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